Winter Tyres

When To Change To Winter Tyres

When should I put Winter Tyre’s on ?

There is no reason to be too late with putting your winter tyres and end up stuck in the snow. Theirs a golden rule to putting your winter tyres on. When the temperature drops below +7°C then it is time to change to your winter tyres. The weather in recent years has become even more increasing unpredictable. The winter can very abruptly turn worst and before you know it your stuck in a snow storm. There is no need to take the risk of having the wrong set of tyres on the winter roads. To avoid any bad happening during the winter all you have to do is follow the golden rule.

The UK has a seasonal temperature drop. So when the temperature goes below +7°C it makes the summer tyres less performant, this will make braking a lot weaker and the tyres wont be as griped as they usually feel.

Are winter tyres required?Winter Tyres

In the UK the tyres are not a legal requirement. Although if you are in a well known area for bad winter weather then it is highly recommended to have them fitted. Also in every other European country it is compulsory as there winter months tend to be a lot more severe. So make sure you check the laws if you crossing borders anytime soon.

Once your tyres are on, it is recommended to check the air pressure of each Tyre every month. If your traveling to a more warm environment then you should add a small bit of air pressure so around 0.2bar or 3 psi to the recommended amount and that will be fine.

Winter TyresVerdict, are they worth it?

Overall, winter tyres are not required but they are highly recommended. Using the tyres is a better idea than the summer tyres, as they will give you exact performance. There will be no messing up with the brakes it will be gripping well. They will keep you safe allowing you to stick to the road. If you concerned about your sever weather conditions then you should get some they will help massively. Although if your weather conditions are so bad but it is still cold you could probably get a way with using your summer tyres.