Car selling myths debunked

Selling your car can be a stressful task – especially if you want to get the most for your vehicle. If you’re looking to get rid of your unwanted car, you have probably done some research on the subject already. If that is the case, then you already know that there’s a great number of myths and misconceptions floating around the internet about the car selling process.

Although, the internet can be a wonderful tool that allows people to learn about different topics, and explore endless subjects from the safety of their home, it is also filled with a lot of false information. It can be quite difficult to separate reality from fiction, which is why we have decided to put together a short informative guide, debunking some of the most common car-selling myths.

Selling privately will get you more money

One of the most common dilemmas, a person with a car they no longer need, is whether to sell privately or go with car buying service instead. Most seem to believe that selling privately will get you the most money, although this is partly true, there is a catch.

When selling privately, people tend to post their adverts online. Depending on which services you use, you might be faced with quite substantial fees at the end of your car selling journey. Most services out there, charge you money for hosting your ad, which very often doesn’t pay off.

Let’s say, your advert remains live for a couple of months, as you struggle to get rid of your vehicle. More than likely, the fees alone will add up to quite a substantial amount that you will be required to pay. This, as result, means that you are getting less money for the car, as you’re covering all the costs.

Car buying services are a scam

There is a common misconception floating around that car buying services are merely a scam, designed to cheat people out of their money. Although, certain people might have had unpleasant experiences in the past, this is mostly false.

There’s no denying that there are likely scammers out there, but it’s quite easy to avoid them. By doing thorough research, prior to choosing a service, you can eliminate the chances of encountering a scammer. Read what people have to say, and decide which services works best for you.

To ensure, that you are choosing a trustworthy service, simply do your research and dig around a little before committing to anything.

Online valuation price promise

This isn’t so much of a misconception, but a deceptive technique used by numerous services out there.

Most car makers have the option on their website to do a free online valuation. This allows you to find out how much your vehicle is worth, and what you can expect for it.

Although, there is nothing wrong with that, the problem begins when those services claim the amount on screen is what you are going to get.

This is never the case, as without appraising your vehicle, you can’t be given an accurate price. The quote you see on screen, should always be looked at as an estimate, rather than a final price.

If you see a service claiming that the price they give you online is what you are going to get, be cautious as that is rarely the case.

The longer I keep my car the more valuable it will become

Keeping your unwanted car in storage, in hopes that its value will increase, is a very bad idea. Very few models become classics, and even then there’s no guarantee that it will happen to your car. It takes decades, in order for a vehicle to reach that status, and then again it entirely depends on what car it is.

If you have something quite popular and standard, it will likely never increase in value, in fact, keeping it in storage will have the opposite effect. Not only will the car’s condition worsen over time, but the car itself will lose a lot of value.

Most of the time, it’s best to sell as soon as you no longer require your vehicle, as it guarantees that you are going to get a reasonable price for it.

Keeping it for years and hoping that some event will trigger the car’s value to increase, will likely end in disappointment.

We hope you found our short guide helpful and informative. Don’t fall victim to the countless myths floating around the internet. If you’re ever uncertain about anything, make sure you do plenty of research, before committing to anything.

Car selling myths debunked
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Car selling myths debunked
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