Ford GT ’66 Heritage announced

Ford GT 66 Heritage announced

If you thought the upcoming Ford GT was special, waiting until you hear about the Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition, which the brand has just revealed.

Fans of the highly-anticipated Ford GT, will be pleased to know that an even more exclusive version of the car is in the works. That’s right, the new Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition supercar, takes us back all the way to Ford’s 1966 Le Mans win.

Designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Le Mans win, the vehicle is based on the upcoming Ford GT.

Although, the new GT hasn’t yet entered production, it’s one of the most highly-anticipated upcoming vehicles, with over 6,500 people putting down deposits in hopes of getting their hands on the car.

The ’66 Heritage Edition looks fantastic, and although it still comes with the bold features of the new GT, the added extras give it a life of its own.

A unique paintjob of shadow black and silver stripes, pulls you in and entices you, leaving you in a hypnotic state. It’s a fantastic colour choice that give the car an extra edge and takes it back to the Le Mans days.

On top of that, 20-inch aluminium wheels coloured gold alongside a reworked interior, are among other features set to be included with the ’66 Heritage Edition.

New seats, with pillowed inserts and unique stitching give the interior a look reminiscent to that of the iconic Ford that won at the 1966 Le Mans.

Although, no details regarding the powertrain have yet been revealed, the car will reportedly be available in all markets at some point in 2017.

The price is yet to be revealed; however, considering how exclusive and rare the vehicle is, we can probably expect it to be strictly reserved for those who can afford to spend money on a ridiculous price tag.

Regardless, it’s great to see an intriguing throwback edition of such an incredible car. We’re very much looking forward to seeing the car in all its glory.

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Ford GT 66 Heritage announced
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Ford GT 66 Heritage announced
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